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New user from Ohio. Just got a 99 Foreman 450s and the guy told me all it needed was the new meter assembly. So i bought a new one from Honda, installed it. I got spark and fuel and the air filter is clean but this thing will not start for nothing. Ive checked all the fuses...ive checked all the ground wires, the coil, the plug and battery. Im thinking the problem is electrical, when i turn on the key i dont get any lights on my meter display. No neutral light, reverse or even oil pressure. The meter works and shows everything else just not the green neutral light which is why i think it wont start. Any ideas? Is there something you have to when you put on a new meter reset or something. Thanks for any help...pulling our hair out here over this thing.

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welcome to the forums!!!!!! your probably most likely would be the electrical. but if you push the starter button and the engine turns over than it cant be a problem with the neutral light because it doesnt stop it from running. does it have good compression? how about the timing did you check that?
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