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New trail, thick mud, = first time for Warn

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My friend and I rode on some new trails yesterday. We found a mud hole that was a lot deeper than I thought it was. I was able to get through it fine with about 6 passes. But on the next pass, ole Foreman just wouldn't go through it. My Mud Lites did okay until the pit started to get deeper and deeper. Ended up making deep trenches with my tires and my atv bottomed out. So, my 2.5 Warn helped out effortlessly with the aid of a nearby tree. First time I have had to get winched out but I really enjoyed trying again and again to make it out of the mud hole knowing that my winch could always come to the rescue.
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Kinda like riding into the mud in 2wd..If you get stuck, you always have 4wd.. If you have a winch, it's like having 6wd.... Great !!!!
wheres your new trail at?

hey where are you from? im in danville. ive heard the very near the center of kentucky. ive got 25" mudlites they work great and will pull me through anything i need until i bottom out.

getting 27" bi/tri's and will be able to have the clearance now. wont be as fast as the boys with the bigger bikes will be able to go through more. at that im already the ginny pig for new holes.
The place is S-Tree. It is part of the Daniel Boone National Forest in Jackson county between SandGap and McKee. Really not an all day ride. But enough for some quick fun I guess. It is all new to me, so I will have to ride it alot more to figure out where everything is.
sounds like it would be fun
A few weeks ago I went on a ride with a few local guys who had 18 riders come up from N.C. for a weekend ride. Took them across "Mud Hole Ridge" and gave my 2500 Ramsey a workout. Pulled 4 of them out. Had to anchor myself to trees twice. Real hard pulls. Was pleased to find that my almost 2 year old battery held up to the task.
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