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New to this site

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Hello all.
I have been lurking on the shadows for some time reading all I can about Honda's Foreman, I have picked up some nice tips form this site already.

I am from top of Utah and have owned Honda's since 1982 when I bought my first 185 S, 3 wheeler.

I have owned as many as 5 Honda 3 wheelers and then progressed to Honda 300, 4 wheelers my wife and me enjoyed for many years, I have always done my own maintenance and never have had to take one to the shop.

Now retired, I now ride a Green an 06 Forman 4X ES and the wife rides a yellow 06 Rancher ES, two wheel drive, we enjoy riding and exploring the deserts and mountains trails of the mountain west very much.
~ desert dawg
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Welcome to the site! We are glad to have you. I too am very proud to own only Honda's, you can't beat the reliability of a Honda!!

nice write up about yourself. welcome to Honda . great folks here and as you know lots and lots of great info! look forward to reading your posts!
Thanks for the info.Welcome to the site.Ask questions if you have any problems with your bike.(which I doubt you will cause it's a Honda)LOL!!!I'm sure one of the Honda Mechanics would help you with any trouble with your bike's. " title="Applause" />
welcome, there are alot of people that know alot on here. if you ever need any help we can proubly answer it.
welcome to the site. and any ? just ask or post it if u whould have any. and just dont ask mud mudder cuz he owns a kawi. wishin he owned a honda.... lol jk mad..
just ask him about the kawasaki v force with the turbo and 35s and see what he says about kawasakis. cough cough he wants a kawi!! cough cough. yea i just had to get him back
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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