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new to the site.. not to riding

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just trying to find more people from the lafayette and surrounding areas to ride with... and to meet new people who do ride.
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Welcome Hitman. Lafayette in da house. Have you checked out the new trails just off the Breaux Bridge Hwy?
nah ive never been riding on that side of town i know a few lil places round broussard and youngsville, other than that i ride at our camp up at toledo bend and i do alot of riding in gulfport ms... where exactly are you talking about?
Welcome southern_hitman
I think it's called Pat's ATV. It's between Lafatette and Breaux Bridge on the north side of the rode. If you are traveling from Lafayette it will be on the left just before the moto cross track. They are in the process of cutting trails through the woods.
ive never been riding out that way i actually do most of my riding out in gulfport, but im definitely looking for a place to do some crap around here besides riding around cane fields at my grandmas... and what road are you talking about??? im not all that familiar with the breaux bridge area to be honest
when will they be done cutting trails??? and im assuming thats it on the right of the road if your heading into st martin parish right??
ahh nvm i reread your other message, on the left,.. have you been there before??
I went about 3 weeks ago and they had 1 main trail at that time that was about 3.5 miles through the woods with mud and water too.
I'm looking forward to more trails because is nice being so close to home.

Welcome to!!!!!!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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