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Well Guys New To the Site It Looks Like A great Site....Well I Just bought Lastnight A New 2006 Foreman 4x4 ? Im not Sure What Model It Is,I have To #!% It But There Is No Clutch,Its A Foot Shift...Yellow in Color..Any Ifo Or Problems That You Guys Are Awhere Of would Be Great..Also Any Mods Or UpGrades Ect....Also Can I Shut The Top Light Off Or Do I have To have All 3 Lights on At Once.....Please help with any input...
You the 500 S. All lights are always on, unless you rig up a switch. Best mods....HMF utility exhaust, a better air filter, intake snorkel, and re jet the carb. And some good tires of course. Good luck with it!
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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