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New to the Rubi

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I've heard that the angle sensor will probably cause me problems, is this true? Does the angle sensor shut down the motor if the degree of angle is too large (up or down); I don't understand what the purpose of this sensor is, like my post says I am new to the Rubicon, don't even have it in my possession yet but will by mid next week. Can I weatherproof the switch somehow? Any advice for a new owner will be appreciated.
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Most likely you wont have problems with the angle sensor. Im not 100% on what it does but going on big inclines/declines doesnt affect it.

Also to make it weatherproof all you need to do is add some de-electric grease in the plug.
The angle sensor tells the ECM what gear the transmission is in .. If the angle sensor fails the transmission will go into safe mode so you can drive home ..
I have 1300 miles on mine. Only problem was a front wheel bearing. That was my falt for not keeping an eye on things
If I bought another bike today....... I would get another Rubi.
thanks Honda Mech. it's nice to have someone like you on here. Another question for ya. Rincons tranny would stall out in cold weather, is this a problem with the Rubicon?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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