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Which Wheeler works best?

  • 500 Foreman Rubicon

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  • Grizzly 700 FI

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Hello to all, I have learned a lot from reading past posts on the site. I hope that this will continue to be a good resource for me. I am still deciding what to get for a four wheeler and hope you all can help. Contenders right now are a Foreman 500 Rubicon, Grizzly 700 FI, and Foreman 500. I am leaning towards the Rubicon because it seems to work best for my needs. I live on 157 acres bordered by 600 of state land. Will use it for work/play, not much mud. Already have a tractor and a plow truck. Let me know what you think; hope to hear from all of you!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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