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Which Wheeler works best?

  • 500 Foreman Rubicon

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  • Grizzly 700 FI

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New to Site from Petersburgh, NY

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Hello to all, I have learned a lot from reading past posts on the site. I hope that this will continue to be a good resource for me. I am still deciding what to get for a four wheeler and hope you all can help. Contenders right now are a Foreman 500 Rubicon, Grizzly 700 FI, and Foreman 500. I am leaning towards the Rubicon because it seems to work best for my needs. I live on 157 acres bordered by 600 of state land. Will use it for work/play, not much mud. Already have a tractor and a plow truck. Let me know what you think; hope to hear from all of you!
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Welcome Caveman64!

I wouldn't be a loyal Honda fanboy if I didn't vote for the Ruby... lol Seriously though, wouldn't it be better to compare a Rincon to a Griz? They are much closer to each other feature wise I'd say, but you had to choose between the two in your poll, make the right choice..... Honda
Welcome Caveman64

I'll agree with nosidamde, It like comparing
apple to oranges

I have four buddies that have the 700 Grizzly's
it's an awsome machine, However for my style
of riding I don't need that much power,I feel
uncomfortable with the high GC,and it has a

In over 6500 miles I've never had any issues
with my Rubicon that were not self inflected

My Grizzly buddies can't even come close to that
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Welcome Caveman64

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