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Bought a 09 Rancher TRX420FA from Craigslist, yes, I know buyer be aware. I replaced all the fluids and it seems to be running ok. Is there anything I should really check into?

The knuckle I thought was bad turned out to be that the hub nut was finger tight. So I tighten it to the correct ft.-lbs. and now seems like I am going to wait to replace anything.

The one of the outer front CV boots has a hole in it so I am going to replace it. I know I have to take the inside boot apart to replace the outside boot. How do I take the outside CV joint apart to clean all the dirt and old grease out?

Finally, just as a rant. My Rancher is missing the lower radiator grille cover. This is probably needed to keep sticks, mud, and other things away from hurting the radiator. I know parts are $$$ for these but how can they get $19.82 plus shipping for something like this? The whole front pipe guard is only $15.72 plus shipping which was replaced by the previous owner. Is there a way to make one or template for one I could download? How can a piece of plastic like that keep a stick out of the radiator?

Thanks for your help in advance.
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