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new tires

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i got me some new tires today 25x8x12 powerking mud cats
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side view
not a bad looking tire I have never seen them before.
Looks good! Can I ask how much? Where'd you get them at?
58$ each i got them a halls tires in ripley wv they are 6ply 25x8 in front 25x10 in the rear . i know i have never saw them before . i like having something diffrent than everyones else. i am going to put them on trom i got a good place to try them out.
also i found them on ebay for 235 for 4 of them
I've got the same tires on my Foreman,good/great in the mud.Not much in the snow and they seem to wear pretty good.Ride hard but 6ply wouldn't ride any other way.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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