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Anyone tried the Pirrelli Mudwisers. How do they perform. I think they r 6 ply sidewalls & tread. I have been told that the Mud Lites have 4 ply sidewalls and 6 ply tread. I am hoping that the extra strenght in the sidewalls will make them less puncture resistant.
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I dont know about the pirrelli's ,but I have 26" mud lites XL on my Rubicon and they say "6 ply " on the sidewalls. They also have a much stiffer sidewall than the stockers. No holes yet!!
One of my buddys has the mudwisers on his kodiak and they do pretty good..Hes satisfied with them
those Mudweisers are made by Perelli and look just like the Mud-lite but a little cheaper.
Very happy with mudlite xl's so far. Have seen them pretty cheap online so not sure how "cheap" other tires can get in comparison.
the only difference ive noticed between the mudwiesers and mudlites is that the mud lite xls have a deeper tread with 1 1/8 and the mudwiesers only have 3/4 the same as the mudlite at......
the mudwiser
now came out with a 1'' xl and the at 3/4 or wat ever it is
if you want that thread patteren get the SuperGrip SuperLites. long lasting, 1"+ thread dept, better then mud lites.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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