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new tires

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hi everyone going to buy new tires for the foreman was wondering what size would be good talked to a few people they suggested to go with the mudlites which i really like them the size for the front are 26 10 12 the rears are 26 12 12 what do you all think good combo allready looked them over the rears look massive any help would be great thanks
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Yeah they will work find for you. One size wont hurt with mudlites.
If you plane on doing performance then you can go bigger. But it also depends on how you ride. Trail mud water ect...
Yeah I think mudlites measure a bit small so 27's will more than likely be ok for you. It just depends on how you ride and what you really need. Go to the tire section on this site and read read read and you will get a good idea what you will need.

I have a 05 honda foreman with 27 inch Mudlite XTRs
well went and got the tires today i went with 26 mudlights cant wait to put themm on and test them out thanks for the help
I think you will like them, anything is better than stock!!!
Thats right stock sucks go for Performance!!!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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