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New tires

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Our buddy Jack just got his tires he got the new swamp lite. They do make a 29.5 but he got the 28". sorry for the bad pics we will get better ones this weekend.
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Besides the fact that it is a yama, it looks pretty good those things look like they have pretty good tread.
We will let you know how they do. They have a 1.5" lug they are not the laws but so far they look like they are going to do ok. My guess is about the same as the 589's maybe a little better.
yeah those look good, cant wait to hear how they do.
those look mean. I do wonder if the lugs will get ripped off they dont look to thick, compared to say claws, laws, 589 ets. the lugs just look too skinny, but they do look good.
i wonder if they will clean out good.....let us know
those tires look tough
Who cares about the tires, I like the 5 spoke wheels.

Although it is nice to see Jack step up a bit.
love those rims

cant wait till i see them in person
saw em in action today. he was tearin it up, only saw him get stuck once and it was in a NASTY spot. I was impressed from what i saw.
That means a lot coming from Mr. 29.5.

By the way Euro, the water in Grant went down about a foot in most of the trails. Bu tthe ponds are still DEEP.
Awesome. I need to do some maintenance before I ride again. Got some water in the oil last ride. Boiled out but got to change the EARL to get the sand if any in there. Also got to find out why my front wheels are wiggly.
Those tires should get you about anywhere you want to go.
They did very well. Looked like they dug about the same as the 589 maybe a little better
sWEET!!!!!!!!!!! let me know how they clean out? I bet they wont outpull outlaws but I wonder about edls? do edls have more grip? you cant really tell how much grip they got in the pic.
no I doupt theyve got as much as edls, and not near the sidewall lug of laws (28s or 29.5s)
They still look like a good tire, they should be easier on the bike and it sounds like they pull decently, I will be the first to agree that outlaws pull hard as h3ll, but this tire might be just right for some.
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