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New tires for foreman 500

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I want some 28"s to go on my foreman....right now I am running 27" witches and I was wondering what are the best pullin in mud lite wieght tires! I get out on the road alot to make it to our riding spots so I dont need sumthin thats gunna wear out real quick!

I was thinkin Mud Bugs or somethin similar
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i dont know how these do on the road but i know they are awesome in mud and water, i just put them on my 500
those tires are sweet. notice much power loss?
no not really the foreman spins them well just dont go too big. 27s are perfect, i think it will really do good when i jet and pipe it. they are reallly good tires.
Are the mud [email protected]$ lighter than Mud zillas
the weight is about the same between the two. I know the zilla's wear like iron and will out last most tires on hard ground, alittle rough at low speeds. the 27" Mud B----es measure 28" with 7-10lbs of air in them
I have noticed that Mudzilla's wear really good. I've put about 150 miles of dirt road riding on them and they still have the nipples in the center of the tire.
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