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New tires do I need a lift?

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I just ordered 27" mud [email protected] tires today with itp ss12 spoke rims. The guy from atv outfitters said that more than likely I would need a lift for them to fit. I have also seen on here that people have 28" tires without a lift. These tires the salesman said are actually 28.5" not 27. Do I need the lift?
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I have 27` mud machines , an no lift.Nothing rubs.
Me too 27' no rub, unless wheels get cut by root or something i can feel it rub but not enough to worry about
I have 26" Mudlites and have a ton of room so the 27" should be no problem at all!
I run 27inch mudlights and the bike rubs a bit when I cut her sharp but nothing to worry about in my case.
Mud bitches run alot bigger than there listed size, remember. I've seen 28" Mud Bitches and they measured the same as a pair of 29.5" outlaws on the same bike (A Prairie and a Brute)
What website did you find mudbwitches at?
I just bought a set from
the tires do NOT run big. with 5 pounds of air they are 27" tall. with bout 15 lbs in them, they are bout 28" tall. everyone claims they are 28.5" + with only 5lbs in them. i guess if u put bout 20lbs in them and leave them in the sun in the middle of the summer for a couple days then they might stretch to were u can run only 5 lbs and still be 28.5" tall. i have the lift and i had to do minor trimmin on the back. with no lift, u may not have to do any trimming, since the lift brings the back tires forward jsut a lil bit. the tires are gonna hit the front fender bracket when turning hard though. they are really good tires though.
I have 27 mudlites 10s up front 12's in rear and a prefex lt kit and hl springs and mine still rub when turning sharp.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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