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New tire

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kinda looks like a messed up mudzilla
looks perty tuff
Did you notice the size, it looked like 31" I could have read it wrong though.

27X12-12 6PR 12.4/315 31.2/688 550/250 7 12X10
I think if mudzilla and vampire mated, this is the twisted offspring it would create.
I agree, it does kinda look similiar to a Mudzilla.
according to the site that size is a 27X12-12 but it says the outer diameter is 31.2 Strange.
you are right rob they look like the mudzilla and vamp combined
Yup... Someone jumped the fence at the tire mating grounds...... Oops..I made a sexual comment.. Sorry Robb..
It clearly says 27-10x12 on the side of it. Time to get ya'll eyes checked .
Yeah but in the specs it says that the outside diameter is 31.2" probably just a typo
yeah but if it is a typo they made the typo 5 times
I bet they hired someone new were they make the mudzillas. he got excited and slipped on the machine or
i saw them too, someone with alot of money needs to test them out
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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