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new tire time

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i need a new "all terrain tire for my brute force. i kind of want a tire like the terra cross and the big horn but i dont really want to pay that much. i am looking for a tire that has about 1" of tread, i do not want a real aggresive tire. i really like the superswamper tsl's but i am afraid i will slide on hill sides. i dont want the mudlite,swamplite or the bearclaw's because i saw how they do and i dont really care for them. if someone could help me out here it would be great because i am pretty picky when it comes to tires.
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I think that you should get another set of Executioners, On every tire form you talk about how great they preformed for ya. I think that those would be your best bet. Or what about ITP 589's?
i've been running the AMS swamp fox tires for almost a year now and i love 'em.they are a great cheap all terrain tire that does well in just about everything.sidehilling they work really well and they do hills great and also work awesome in the snow.I picked up my 25's for 38$ a tire at a local cycle shop but i know 26's are not that much more,maybe 45-54$ a tire which is reasonable.the 26's have a 1 1/8" tread depth as far as i know.
check out the mudook buddy runs them on his bf750 and they do really good...
QUOTE ("Foreman325":5mh1us6d)
I think that you should get another set of Executioners, On every tire form you talk about how great they preformed for ya. I think that those would be your best bet. Or what about ITP 589's?
i dont want a 27" tire because i dont plan on mudding in really deep mud like i did on my rubicon, but i could get the 26" version, i have been thinking about it. as for the 589's i had two sets of them before i got my executioners and i am kind of tired of them. Truckman and wvforeman i will also look into those tires. any more input would be great.
I would get a radial tire. I here they make a huge difference in the ride and also will help on the hills.
you should be able to see the tires better in this said these are the 25's.they seem to wear pretty good as in the pic they have over 1000 miles on them.
You should check out the Carlisle ACT XL/R
Its a deep tread ,All-terrain,6 ply radial .
Not a mudder but great for trail.
((same tread design as a DucksUnlimited Wetlands with deeper tread))
A Dirt Devil would serve you well. Also GBC makes a copy of the Bighorn tire that is not as high a priced if you check their website. It is called a Dirt Tamer.
trx300man, i am aware of the dirt tamers and i have heard that they are the exact same thing as bighorns but do not wear good. i have also thought of the dirt devils, they may be good for me.
I'm liking my dirt devils.Over 600 miles and not showing any wear.
Mad Mudder, I do know that alot of times you get what you pay for in a tire. With that being said, that is one thing I really like about the Dirt Devils, they are a really good handling trail tire, decent in mud, wear extremly well, true 6 ply design, ( you can tell by the recommended PSI pressure on a tires sidewall the tru ply rating) and they are fairly low priced. A nice combination.

Also, From my personal experience the most underated tire on the market today, is the Lumber Jack. I have saw this tire go places that several better known and more respected tires did not go. But they are not as durable in extreme conditions as the Dirt Devils. ( Sharp rock beds ).
i have the 25 inch dirt devils and they run prity well all around but my fronts wear to fast for my likeing but i do a lot of street rideing to get to trails but the rears show nothing they are a good all around tire have yet to have them in snow but am pleased wiht the over all performance of them
i would get some mudlite xtrs
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