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New Snorkle

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Just got finished with my new snorkle....I took alot of ideas from everyone on here and went for it

i used a 2 1/2 inch shop vac kit
bought an extension that would fit
and an elbo that would fit

all were shop vac accesories

decided to run it outside the side of the bike since it was 2 1/2 inches and then behind the fender and up and out the small panel on the front

i did add some heavy duty plastic to the side of the hose where it gets close to the engine so that it wouldn't melt.

heres some pics for you guys
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few more pics
SWEET !!!! I love the look of the snork comming thru the pannel !!! I am glad ya got er done

thanks for your pics rincon.... it was all your idea on coming up through the panel....i looked and it is only 8 bucks to replace that panel and 15 for the side panel as opposed to 75 for the entire front fender assembly if i were to put it in the fender

i had to use lowes and they didn't have a 2 inch hose accesory pack so i went with the 2 1/2 inch
i did mine too...

I did mine at about the same time...

Took Rincon650's advise also and ran it through the center panel.

Here are some pics, sorry that its dirty... I had to test it out!

We spent all day today at Camp Claiborne in Forest Hill, LA.

Anyway, here are the pics...

oh, pay no attention to the carb vent hose coiled under the snorkel tip, its just temporary...
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You didn't have to cut any plastic except for the middle front hatch and air dam,,,,but it still looks good.......great job
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