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New Snorket Install Question?

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I couldn't wait to snorkel my 500 Foreman so I got the Snorkit kit.The kit is very well designed and easy to install.I want to know if you can run your carb vent hoses in a tee together to 1 of the 3 supplied brass fittings in the piping?The other 2 fittings used were for the fan breather and I put a tee connection for the diffs.Are the 2 breathers on the 500 meant to be just open and hidden?I'm thinking that having the carb vents in the snorkel piping is probably getting vacuum or suction that it shouldn't be.It rides fine with the stock air cleaner and pipe,no re-jetting needed.Any info would be great,the kit is awesome and works excellent in water.Just curious about the breathers being hooked up that way,poss future carb problems is my worry.Thanks for any input and sorry for long chat.Thanks,James...
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tee the 2 carb lines together, and run them to the handlebarr. You will run into problems with them in the snorkel like you said.
That's what I figured because after I hooked it up the base idle was different.I'll do what I had on my 450 and run it under the light pod assembly.Other than that the kit is well worth the money in time saving of designing your own like I just did on my buddies Big Bear 400 4x4.It took alot of time thinking of proper angles and piping,etc.Thanks Rob for the confirmation on the carb vents...
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