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New Snorkel

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I got tired of the snorkel hangin out the side i kept beatin my leg on it. What do yall think.
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Im gonna post a totally done pic when i clean the 4-wheeler up
From what i have seen in the pictures, look like great. Is that your own design,
or did you copy the Snorkit? Looks great either way.
looks good I like the muffler pipe, can you see any of the black when the plastics are on
well i got the idea of using the threaded pipe to come through the plastic from my friends 400 big bear bayou snorkel but other than that i just bought alot of stuff and played with it until i got it to work. But with everything put back together you can only see the muffler pipe down the side i left that one black peice out because i didnt want to cut on it. i think it looks kinda cool with it. The main reason i did it is because i get paranoid about stuff melting near the motor.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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