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new shocks!!!

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well I finally got my Elka shocks all installed and somewhat setup All i need now is a fast forward button to the 4th of july weekend when i have 4 days to ride on them.
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Did this put a lift on the bike... If so, how much and most importantly, how is the angle of your front axles ?????
It sits about a 1/2" higher than stock so the axle angle is close to stock and it made the front travel go up to 7.8" and the rear to 7.7" which is a huge improvement for the travel limited rancher.the ride is is fully adjustable and they sent me a spec sheet with recommendations for where to set it when you ride different styles or terrain.I didn't change anything from their setup yet till i run it first.The guy told me to basically set my rebound damping on the rear first to where im comfortably and it doesn't let the rear kick around then he said i can adjust the front ride hight to the hight i need.right now the preload adjusters are about a 1/2" from the softest setting and that's how it's sat in the pic i posted.It's at about 10" to my center skidplat which is a hair higher than stock but i can lower it another inch yet with that small amount of preload adj. on the shock.I know a guy with the utility series with resovoirs on his rinny and nothing can touch that thing in the woods or on the real rough high speed trails it is simply the ultimate handling 4x4 atv i have ever seen.That's part of the reason i just decided to put them on my rancher as i don't have any intentions of buying another atv for quite few years.
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Very nice.. If you have read the Rincon section...under Highlifter lift damage .. Thats my posting and damage. I was curious about the lift ( which I do not want ) but do wish to have a smoother ride. Just for shits and giggles, you ought to read that posting about my damage from a lift that would not cause damage... this may be my next purchase...Keep us posted on how you like em'. I am sure there are others that would like to hear as well.. Congratz on the new purchase..
Yeah i read your whole post and i can't believe how it killed thoe inboard cv joints!!!! The cv joints are actually what will stop downward travel on a rancher with a lift kit.These shocks stop a 1/4" before that which just shows the engineering that went into them.I'll keep you posted and thanks.I've wanted a set of these shocks since the first time i saw them and i finally got them.
Great...Will wait to hear from you...
where did you buy your shocks because i want some for my rancher it is a 2005 4x4 es
I ordered them directly from Elka in canada.the front ones are the E36 utility shock at $470 per pair and the rear is an EB36R at $425 each.the shipping was about 45$ and i got a set of shockwears from a banshee to fit the front and an LT500 suzuki for the rear.these are the least expensive shocks that Elka makes and it took me over a year to get them.the high end shocks for a rancher go for 1500$ for the front pair and $1425 for the rear shock which i would prolly die before my wife would let me get them.
OK the verdict is in....they are worth every penny.I rode 127 miles on monday and my butt was still able to let me sit down on the seat and my hands weren't swollen at all.....IMO they were worth the money.most of our trails were washed out extremely bad from our recent flooding and in some places the trails were completly gone.
Well...looks like the proof is in the puddin'. Thanks for the update and glad to hear that you are happy. This will help others in the thought process of getting theirs.. Thanx
a little off topic but how do you liek the swamp fox tires?
for the price i paid you can't beat them.a great all around tire.there pretty good in the mud and awesome on the trail and snow they are excellent.they reall shine in dry rocky trail use.i run them at 3 psi and havn't had a flat yet besides 2 nails in my lf tire which i removed and plugged.i have over 1000 miles on them and they wear excellent too.
hurm.. those would be sweet on my 350.If i ever get the money together i might get a set. nice review
havn't had a flat yet besides 2 nails in my lf tire which i removed and plugged
I now have a 1 1/2" slice in the sidewall of one tire and i have 7 plugs in it and still holding.The sidewalls could be tougher on these tires.the cut was caused by a little rinky dink rock at a weird angle and it went thru it like butter.
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