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new rubicon! what size tires?

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Hi guys 2 weeks ago, I bought a new 05 rubicon. My brother inlaw works at a tire shop, He can get me 4 27" vampires for $253.00 mounted.
Will these work on my wheeler, how much low end will I lose?
I'm open to suggestions! I'd appreciate any help I can get!
My last wheeler was a honda 300!
Thanks N.R.
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27's will work just fine.

Congrats on new machine.
Welcome to the Forum newbie rubi

I do just fine with 26's on my '05 Rubicon and have about
an inch clearance in front of the rear tires

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Rubicon Tires

I went with the Kenda Bearclaws 27". I have to use low range when the mud gets too thick, but it'll stoll throw the mud just fine!
i have a friend with 27 gators on his and they turn great. the 27s will be fine
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