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Which is the better trail/mud tire?

  • 26" ITP 589 M/S

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  • 26" ITP Mud lite

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Well I have mudlights (27's) I like mine but never have tried out the mst's even though I have heard great reviews. My husband has swamplights. I do better in rocks then he does but he does better in mud then I do. They do wear more than the ITP's especially if you run on roads. But Tim loves his swamplights and they are a good lookin tire. Now I have four friends who runs the MST's and they perform great. Its just a matter of what you want. Personally when I get new tires I am goin to go with something diffrent. I just dont know what yet. I love the looks of the Mudgears.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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