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Which is the better trail/mud tire?

  • 26" ITP 589 M/S

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  • 26" ITP Mud lite

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New Rubicon Tire Suggestions

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My dad and I are picking up the new Rubicon either tomorrow or Friday (from Sunrise Honda in Searcy, AR), and we are opting for the upgraded wheel/tire package. I have narrowed it down to the 26" ITP Mud Lite's and the 589's. Which would be better for mostly trail riding, while still being very capable in the mud? There is a lot of mud down here sometimes, and I'd rather not stick the new Rubicon too much lol. I've ridden an ATV with the 589's, and it wasn't too rough, so ride isn't really an issue.

thanks everybody
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mud lites. i have had my 26"XLs for 2years this friday and dont have any complaints about them. no plugs. there great on the trail but can hold there own in the modderate mud
589's are definitely better in the mud and they will last forever.
I have had titan 589 ms's on an old 450 and they were great. I'm not sure which brand your looking at but the titans certainly were a tough tire. They gave great ride on the hard pack, while providing outstanding mud and snow capability. I recently put mudlight xtr's on my ruby and are quite pleased with them so far but these are different than the regular mudlights. I think the titans are of a better compound for longer life as my mother now has this machine on her farm and the tires are used quite a bit traveling on blacktop from field to field, and the tire tred is almost as new......... just my 2 cents.
Oh, I forgot to add that both tires are the same price, so price isn't an issue either.

thanks, and vote in the poll I added please. I don't know why I didn't do that to start with lol.
go get the swamplites they are sweet and cheeper at most places.
They are offering the Swamplites, but all tires that they offer are the same price. We are getting the tire/wheel combo option, which is the same price, no matter what wheel/tire combo you choose. I considered the Swamplites at first, but I heard they have a softer compound than the ITP's, which means shorter life. Is that true?
Well I have mudlights (27's) I like mine but never have tried out the mst's even though I have heard great reviews. My husband has swamplights. I do better in rocks then he does but he does better in mud then I do. They do wear more than the ITP's especially if you run on roads. But Tim loves his swamplights and they are a good lookin tire. Now I have four friends who runs the MST's and they perform great. Its just a matter of what you want. Personally when I get new tires I am goin to go with something diffrent. I just dont know what yet. I love the looks of the Mudgears.
Well, we ended up going with the Mudlites, mainly because my dad liked them more and they weighed less. Since he's paying more than I am for the wheeler, I gave him the choice lol. He's picking it up right now, I'll hopefully have pics up by tomorrow afternoon.

thanks everybody
Got the Rubi today, finally. It's an '06, olive green, and we had the Mile Marker winch and larger rear rack put on it. Also had the 26x10-12 Mud Lites all around, mounted on ITP SS112's. I wasn't sure I'd like the chrome wheels, but now that I've seen them in person, they really set the rig off. I am absolutely in love with this ATV, and I can't wait to get pics up tomorrow.

Couldn't resist lol
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Looks good...You orta be satisfied with your mudlites, I liked mine on my rancher...They do good on the trail and decent in mud...
Yeah, I haven't found anything bad enough to stick it yet, not even close...then again, the river hasn't come down enough to reveal the 'bad' trails on the hunting lease yet either
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