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We just brought home a new red Rubicon yesterday. I thought the Hondamatic sounded like the thing to have, but after reading about all of the trouble other owners have been having, I'm wondering if I made the right choice. I took it for a short ride this afternoon, and the trans will definitly take some getting used to.

We bought our first 4-wheeler in 1985. A new TRX 250, and just beat that thing to death. But it refused to die. I just sold it last week, not even running, for $570.00.

I also had a 1987 TRX 350 Foreman, purchased in the early '90s, very rough, but a real workhorse. It hadn't run for 5 years, and I got $620.00 for it.

These are the 2 main reasons that I didn't consider any other brand. If the new one holds up 1/2 as good as the old ones, I will be very pleased.

Glad to be here. This looks like a good place for questions & answers.

Thank you, Gary.
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