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New Rubicon extended warranty-how much? worth it?

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I noticed the '08 rubi OEM warranty is 1 yr, the '07 is only 6 mo.

What is a fair price for the extended warranty?

Does anyone have strong feelings one way or the other on whether or not it is worth it for the '07 rubi?

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I guess it really plans on what style riding you do and if you like to mod it all out. I know on mine the warranty is not worth it because it is the way it is. And if you ride mud at all that is always their excuse not to cover it. So if you plan on riding it just around the yard or slight trails then it might be worth it. But i can say i have had mine for almost 4 months now and i ride it hard and haven't a prob yet.
Over the years I've bought 6 new atv's,all Honda's.I have never bought the extended warranty for any of them.The only problems I've had were on one model,a 2002 Recon ES.I had problems with the ES but it was covered under the basic warranty,then I paid for one angle sensor,that's it.I still wouldn't recommend buying the extended warranty.
The key to any Extended Warranty is whether you have a good dealer backing you up. I have an extended warranty on my 05 Rubicon with an Excellant Dealer standing behind me. This Dealer also offers an Extended Maintenance Program, where they do all the maint. oil changes, cleaning my filters and full service every 600 miles ( Full Service is everything recommended in the Service Manual which comes to about $300 every 600 miles ) I have 3700 miles on it, so mine has paid for it's self and I have 2 years left. On my Extended Warranty, Honda replaced my frame because it was cracked in 3 places ( only because of my dealer ) plus they are replacing my muffler because it has developed a chirping sound after the new frame was installed. I rate Dealer Service high on my list when I buy anything.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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