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New Rubi, a few questions

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I picked up my new Rubi and it is smooooooth. Here is the problem, the handlebars have no way to mount a gun rack, too tight. The rear rack is too small to put my basket rack from cabela's on. Where/what do you guys do for accessories like this on Honda's. I use it for almost all hunting, so these things are a must.
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I also had no room on the bars. Mounted my gun rack to the toolbox I have on the front rack. You can see by the second pic that it worked great.
WOW! Those are some BIG quarters! Moose, I assume, or the world's biggest elk! What do you do about the light shining into the gun and box? I can't believe there isn't a switch to turn the upper headlight off.
I expect to be invited to DINNER!
The moose was average size. We like to take animals that run around 400 pounds dressed. The meat has always been excellent.
The box is low enough not to interfere with the light. I installed a switch to turn it off when the gun or anything else is in the way. As for the dinner invite...a feed of moose sausage is standard for anyone who shows up on a ride.
I found this at cabela's when the gun case is
not in it I put my trail chair(for lunch) and my
snake poker works great

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Have you tried moose utilities?
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