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New Rims..Opinions?

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simple rim, looks awesome!!
who makes those rims?
how are you liking the swamp lites?
They look like Condor rims. Real nice
those are interco condor 4 spoke wheels, they are really nice wheels. i used to have condor 7 spoke wheels on my rubicon.
yep, Interco 4-Spoke. As far as the Swamp Lites, best tire I have EVER ran, and I've had my share of tires. I've been everywhere Outlawas have went..sometimes I have to work a little harder, but at the end of the day, my CV Axles and U-Joints arent
Man! Those tires look HUGE! How's it do turnin' 'em in the mud?
It actually turns the tires really good bc the rims are pretty light. I ran into a few problems, now I have to heat up and bend my fender braces back out of the way so I can turn, and I had to some fender cutting...oh and now it wont fit in my Anyone have any other ideas as far as the fender brackets? I'm thinking about stepping down from 29.5's to 28 Swamp Lites.
looks great!!!
those wheels look good ..that foreman looks mean with those wheels and big swamp lites
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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