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New rider in INDIANA

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i am kinda new to this website. I live in northern indiana, and was wondering if any1 else live around my area. I ride an '04 rubicon that has the carb spring cut 10 coils and a 2.0 warn winch. I also (kinda) have a isnt really mine it is my older brothers, but since it is winter he is storing it at my house. But i get to ride it whenever i want right now..
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Welcome to the site it's the best on earth! I'm in central Illinois.
Well not from the area I am from NE pa all i can say is
Welcome fili
Welcome to the site. lots of of info on here and alot of people to help. also from central illinois.
hey, i grew up in indiana, military moved me down here to fl, but i lived next to meriville. my town was about [] big so i'm sure u've never heard of it. a good place to ride your rubi and the 450r is the badlands, lockated in attica IN <a href="





bowz" target="_blank">

up north there is a place called silver lake sand dunes, havn' tbeen there, never realy apealed to me, but all it is is sand dunes, so only 450r material i'd say.

also futher south is another badlands type riding place, they alow alki there so we never went, i'm not sure of the place but yeah.

as for the badlands, awsome place, have every type of riding u could imagine, sand dunes, mudd, tight trail, rocks, bottomless mudd holes, yeah if u can't see the bottom, don't go. lost pops 500sportsman 2 times that way hehe.

well best of luck, any questions just ask


...ust ask

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