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New Ride

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I bought a new ride and pick it up Thursday. It's black with 200 more cc than my 450s. Yup, it's a 650 not a 680. I got the black brute force 650i and getting the dealer to put on a set of 26" mudbugs.

Doesn't mean I've given up on the Honda brand though,I've still got 450s. I got a good deal on the brute, cheaper than the Rincon and you get more.
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congrats!!! get us some pics and let us know how u like it.
Thanks, I'll get pics as soon as I can but will have to get someone else to post them as I'm compooter stoopid.
Don't get me wrong I love the Honda, slash, bullet proof tank.
For the price You can't get a comparable Honda.
If the brute last as long as the 'ol Honda, I'll be smiling at both
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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