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QUOTE ("DuckyXpress":2kq9uvzt)
Thank's to everybody!

Nice welcome!

Mine is a foot shifter an that is ONE of many reasons I bought
it like that is that I can hold my son and with the other hand drive.
Not really secure but still I got slow with the kid.

55-56 mph is 88-90 kmh in my region and that is really fast, well for me!

The foreman 450 is not close to that at all my friend said!

For the valves also thank you!

I really want to keep the bike for years to come and whant to take care of it like my dad's take care of is Harley.

Really appreciate everybody feedback!

Will take some pics this weekend of our ride and post them after!just ride it like you stoled it. itll be alright

2005 Foreman 500 S 4x4
Warn Winch 2500
Cantley, Québec
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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