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new recon?

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ive been looking at buying a recon. first off i would like some opinions.
what problems have you all have out of them.
how do you replace the rear brakes.
how smooth is the ride is there any way to make the ride better.
does anyone have any complaints on the manual recon (not es)
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The Recon is a fun little ATV.I own a 2002 Recon ES for my wife to ride.When it was new we had tons of problems with the ES(3 angle sensors,handlebar switch,and ECM)After that I'll never buy an ES model anything.The rest of the bike is bulletproof,suprising what it'll go through.
I have a 2006 recon for my 8yr old but I do ride it sometimes. I have to say it is one of the most trouble free atvs out there. Other than regular oil changes the only thing I had to do was replace front brakes. I did upgrade somethings like a lift kit, 23in tires w/rims,full skid plates,250ex springs & a hondaline hitch w/oil temp light. I would buy another recon without thinking twice.
i have an 04 recon and 250ex pretty much the same bike,had them 4yrs and have no problems. but it is time for brakes on both bikes lasted 4yrs not to bad. i also have an 07 foreman 500 its fun in the mud but for sliding and racing the recon is the way to go very fun bike. my daughter started riding it when she was 5. its gentle when you want it to be and a bad ass when needs to be.
Hello fellow Redwingers, brand spankin' new here. I have had a little recon for a little over a year, use it laying track for FTR hare scrambles. Got a good deal on it and figured i'd use it for awhile and trade up later, still ridin' it, I have ridden several larger quads, mostly 4wd, and have been so glad to get back on my little recon. Small, nimble, extremely easy to steer, goes literally anywhere I point it, simply put : I can find no reason to trade it. Just put 25" tires on back and have 24's coming for front, loosing traction pulling logs off the track is the only place it has come up short. Once and awhile, someone new will ask why I don't get an adult quad, but after a days work, they want to try it, and love it too.

Looking forward to a learning experience here, as well as maybe meeting some of you someday.

richard (an old bul man)

I've had my Recon for 10 years (bought it new) and I've never had ANY trouble with it. I've beat the **** out of it and it loves it. I was young and dumb (kinda like today, but older) and didn't even change the oil for 5 years. It has been submarined, rolled, flipped, rammed, etc., etc. Took all of it like a champ.

I have had to unbend some frame components, but you'd expect that after flipping it down a hill.
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