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new rack box

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just got a new rack box for the lil Honda...I got it for 59$$ from Summit racing.sure beats my soft pack that's getting torn up again.also darn water resistant too which is a big plus.dimensions are 30"w X 11.5"D X 9.5" Tall...not too big not too small.
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nice looking box. it looks like it fits the back rack pretty good
I like that.Diamond plate is always cool.Did you bolt it down? I made my own box out of wood and I used turn-buckles with hooks on both ends to hold it down.That way I only take it with me when I need it.
1/2" u-bolts from Home depot... .72 cents each...I put 4 on it with fender washers so they don't break the only weighs 2 pounds or so too.
Nice box...
That is nice and matches the front bash plate too.
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