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New Project of my Brothers and I

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its a 98 foreman that my bother got from our dad, so far we have put on a gear reduction, laws, snorkel, new oil cooler and fan, start in gear, reverse button override, fo-14 tractor pipe, jet kit, back rest, rear wheel spacers, 2" lift, and i'm sure more will follow
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Looks like your off to a good start....
ya nice start. good job.
hey could you get some pics of how you mounted the fo-14 onto the header pipe and how it is attached to the frame
how about that oil cooler on the front rack, howd you run your lines, is it like dirty4man's?
sorry have been in GRAND BAY AL this weekend but i'll put up those pics tommorrow I broke both tie rod ends on the left side this past weekend but had a good time here are some of those pics
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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