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New place to ride when it is dry.

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Has anyone rode St Johns before. I saw this on high lifter and thought it may be a good all day ride. To me it sounds like they are riding from 520 at that swamp restaurant all the way to 50. That is a good distance. maybe we should give this a try one weekend before it gets to wet to ride it.

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Betch.............where you been. This is the same place Mike and I talked to you about. I see how you are now you want to go since everyone else goes. You were so concerned with the St. Johns Water Management.
**** yes I was concerned. I was not going to get a ticket or get my bike taken. But I am reading that you can ride north of 520 only. And that you have to stay on certain trails. I would like to find someone who rides there and can make sure we are legal before we go.
****** has rode there!
I'm down lets go I know there is water there
I have been there a few times. Robb and I went out there a few weeks back. It was fun. TONS OF GATORS! You just have to know some one who will let you park on there property. Years ago we would put in near Lone Cabbage (520), and ride to Hwy 50. But since all the construction on 50, you have to access it off Satellite Blvd. and thats all private.

Its a great ride a nice way to put 40-50 miles on your bike. Even better at night, you can see pigs and lots of pairs of red eyes in the water.

I have never been all the way to 46. I don't know how to get on the north side of 50. I
I have a buddy that his grandparents have a ranch down on the st. johns i will see where it is located and see if they would mind if we parked there i will try to find out tomorrow
yeah its pretty fun there, you get to top out 5th gear constanly, so that makes it fun!!! But the dust is as bad there as it is anywhere. And you wont catch me riding those canals again, the bottom drops out way to fast for me, and theres lots of gators. I came seconds away from sinking out there, but lucky for me the foreman kept on running, while I was standing in neck deep gator infested water about crapping my pants! So there is very little rideable water there. But I would go back...
you 2 are as bad as the news is with all this man eating gator talk

thats why i bring Mr .357

we need an air boat for out there new project......
I have not riding along the St. Johns. The place I was talking about was on 520 right after you get off of 50 on the left hand side. But there could be trails that lead over that far. Maybe
I know a guy that has some property off of satelite, I will see if I can work something out. I don't know how hard it is to get over to where the trails are but he should, I will talk to him some time this week and let yall know. I am down for a ride though f we can get something worked out my bike should be fixed by the end of the week. As long as I don't break anything next weekend I will be good to go.
Neil or DirtyRider if you can find us a place to park on Satellite, I can get us to the trails.
i called my buddy today but he didnt answer hope to talk to him soon
I have taken the custom airboat i built from 520 to 46...What a ride.. all the way for lunch and back. It is beautiful out there. If you didn't know, the bridge at 520 is the dividing line for Brevard County.. At least this is where we seaprate it. There may be different rules for the next county as far as riding ATV's there. I have run this area in a LEO Airboat for years. If you can ride it... I would LOVE to try it. Keep us posted on the ride. Good luck and this may be another area to ride..
this is starting to sound like the next big HondaForeman disaster ride to in
Gettin' goose bumps Deadmullet ? Ha Ha Ha
I am in for a good run from the cops no offense ron lol
None taken....I run every chance I get...Keeps them on their toes..Ha Ha Ha.. No..really,that sounds like a Jam Up ride.. Let me know Dirtyrider..

Im in...If we get cought, Maybe I can get us out of it...HeHeHe
From what I’ve been reading it is legal to ride we just need to find a place to be able to park.
As far as I can tell..Yes Have fun and let me know how it goes, I will have to plan for a trip..
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