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new place in SE texas to ride

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Texas Hogwallow

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havent been yet but watched some videos of it, not much for atv guys yet but when some trails get layed down should be some fun

ill be going in the next coming weeks after my bike is done getting bored
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we'll be going in few weeks also, maybe they're grand opening weekend Aug. 11th
same if i happen to have my bike yet by then
Is anyone going this weekend for the grand opening?

Hate to say it but we're not, just don't want to spend that much money. Have to ride elsewhere this weekend and go check out the hogwallow on a non-event weekend.
i get my bike back on friday or sometime next might have to plan a trip to go down there when yall all go down there

here are some pics i got of the hogwallow site that someone took during opening weekend...not much on the side of atv trail riding or anything, looks like most of them just went into the mud pit or sat on the outside watching

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we may try to plan a trip over there in the upcoming months. Maybe when it cools down alittle.
ditto it is way to hott down here rite now, 90-95 everyday over here and it hasnt rained in 2 weeks cept a 20 minutes shower today and u walk outside after it rained and ground is completely dry
dirty4man when yall get ready to go ride there, pm me when yall start to plan to go, i wanna go ride with yall sometime, look like a good group to ride with
will do
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