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New mod on order

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Here is a new mod that someone told me would work on the foremans. I have one coming, so we will find out if it works or not. It is a 400ex timing advance 6 degree key. Its a cheap mod, but requires alittle work to install it. Here is a link to the item, this is also the one I ordered.

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Let us know how it works out i am sure for only 22.00 bucks alot of people would get it
if it is setting it to much retarded you might be scooping your piston out like ice cream soon
6 degree is not going to move it much, I dont think it will cause any problems. for the price it is worth a try, it is suppose to better the response of the throttle of the bike and get rid of the hesitation
like i said that is probably true you will get a little better throttle response, and yea thats a deal, but by setting it retarded you are makeing it fire after the piston has reached (tdc) top dead center and if your timing starts to wear a little or you spark timing goes a little off what i said up top is sure to happen
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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