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New memeber to the harley gang

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Well Robb just got him a hmf from ebay and also truegrit got his. I guess there gonna know who we are lmao.
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jus wait until I show up with this, then its on!! LOL
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I want one lmao
We need to paint all our stuff black, and grow some beards - people will really wonder then.
yea they will but i dig the helmet if we all get the same pipe.
I'm getting one of those helmets with the bull horns on the sides.

Travis where did you buy those pink leather Harley chaps at?
Travis where did you buy those pink leather Harley chaps at?

Not again You guys are too much. Robb how much is that helmet? That would be pretty funny if you guys got matching helmets. I Think I want to get a diff one cause mine is full helmet and its camo. That bikers hat is sweet though
i think truegrit has some kind of fantasy
I want to join yaw'lls club.
I didnt really get that helmet - but thats the kind I think i would get, looks like it wouldnt be to intrusive.
Talk about loud....after we got split up from ya'll on Sunday, we were all heading to that big, nasty mudhole and Tyler's pipe SHOT OFF of his bike, right past Gretchin, she said it looked like a rocket going past her ! We got it but couldn't put it back on (no bolts) but his bike was loud after that! Then Tyler said "I wish I could get a pipe for my bike that made it sound this loud all the time!" ---- nice----
Also, now his bike is smoking pretty bad! We haven't checked it out yet, I hope it's not anything too serious! After $500 for the front differential and $150 for brakes, I take anymore!
Only a few reasons it could be smoking - either rings, valve seals, or possibly a headgasket. I just went through this on mine. But I have suspiscion that I may have had a headgasket issue. But I did a new piston, rings and valve seals.
Either way....none of that sounds good! Shane will probably tear into it on Monday! But, it wasn't smoking while we were riding, then, we were at the parking lot, Shane checked the oil and it was REAL low, he filled it and then after that it started smoking! But, I guess it couldn't "burn oil" it didn't have!!!
Thats just how mine acted - ran fine all the way back to my truck. Then when I got home i decided to check the oil, and it was white. Tried to change it several times, and started it up and it smoked. Thats when i took it apart.
Your'e getting me worried Rob!!! I'm trying to think positive!! If we keep going at this rate, we will almost rebuild the thing!!!
Im sorry - think positive...maybe it will be fine! I will be hoping for you!
Thanks! I'll let you know what happens!
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