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hello new member here. just sold a polaris 700 sportsman to buy a foreman 500. what do you all think of that? but anyway was wondering if anyone from louisiana has been to red dirt and if anyone has please let me know if it is any good. by the way when i bought my foreman i had them put on itp mudlites and itp ss108.
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Bet that Sportsman was a softer ride!!
much softer ride and a lot more power but could not keep cv joint boots on it. Also both back shocks were leaking and front end was full of squeaks. All of this and the bike only had 425 original miles on it. and i did buy it new.
Well, I have a 04' Forman and then we bought the Polaris 700 (03) from a friend. It was broken and we got it pretty cheap, but they guy had put it thru ****. BUT, it is a MUCH softer ride and a LOT more power. It may rattle and squeak but it keeps on running and (knock on wood) I haven't broken any axles. Actually, I THINK they are the original axles on it. But I think a lot of that axle breaking comes from lifting. This one isn't lifted and has 27 Outlaws on it. It may rub a little in the hard bumps but that's okay. We still have the Honda (actually a Rancher also) and it's the "spare bike" but we need to go ahead and sell it.
how many miles do you have on it? make sure that you keep a close eye on the cv joint boots. those were the only problem i had with. oh and the other thing was that it would leak water when it was new so i brought back to the shop and so called fix it but when i sold it it was still leaking water.
I'm not sure how many miles it has on it but I'm sure it's a lot. It's had a torn boot before but we can get those fixed no problem. It's never leaked water. It's getting new wheel bearings now. The good thing is that my husband has an 03 Polaris 700 also and he knows the bikes inside and out and can fix them himself. If it weren't for that I don't think we could AFFORD to have them at all!!!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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