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Hi everyone.

New member to forum but quad owner and operator for over 15 years.

I live here in sunny Marbella, Spain were I operate an adventure company and which has a fleet of 6 Polaris 325 Trailboss and 4 of the new Hawkeye models, plus Suzuki Jimmy`s and Landrovers. ( Polaris are **** but we need fully automatics for the customers, which big H don`t do )

I personally own what I consider the best all round ATV available, a TRX400FW with selective 2 or 4 wheel drive and a 2.5 Warne winch.

Over here in Spain ALL ATV`s are STREET LEGAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So we tend to go everywhere on them, Mountains, Beaches and McDonalds !

This looks like a really cool Forum, glad I joined and look forward to reading from other big H owners.

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Welcome to the site. Here in Indiana, USA, the police want to write you 5 tickets, impound your quad and accuse you of it being stolen if you just get caught turning around on a county road in front of your house. Or landowners want to sue you for putting 1 tire mark on there property.
Welcome, if we could ride on the road I would sell the car and buy another quad just for the road
Welcome Peter

I also get to enjoy the "Street Legal" ATV Adventure

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Welcome to the site, I also would no drive a car anymore!!!!

Welcome to the site, it is very interesting talking to people
all over the country.
Welcome! A picture of someone going through McDonald's drive-thru on a Honda would be pretty cool.
Everytime i ride mine down the street to get to some little trails by
the house, i'm lookin' over my shoulders constantly & worried about the
dreaded "Son, your not supposed to ride this out here on the road. Let me
see your license. Where do you live?" That's happened a few times. I always
say i didn't know. I don't live around here.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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