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New Member with a question...

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Hello everyone, my name is David & just bought my first ATV. Of course it's a foreman. I've heard so many good things about it I just had to have it. I'm relatively poor so I bought it used for $2800. The guy who sold it to me says it is a 2004 model but there isn't anything on the bike to verify this but the VIN #. Is there a way to verify model, year, etc. from the vin #? Ther's got to be a way, I just don't know the code(so to speak). Can anyone help me out?
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Welcome to the HF family. Yes you can verify all that info from the vin number. you local honda shop shoul dbe able to break the vin number down. just give tham a call.

Welcome !!
I know this pictures is too small to read, but save it and open it on your computer and you should be able to read it. It should help you with breaking down your VIN code.
Thanks for the pic! I wonder how it relates to 2000+ models? 2000= A, 2001= B, and so on? I'd like to thank everybody else for the warm welcome. It's nice to have a forum dedicated to my/our four wheeler.
Welcome hatfield711
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