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New member with a couple questions.

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Howdy all new member here. I dont even have my Foreman yet, picking it up on Friday. It is a 2007 ES 4x4. I am a little apprehensive about the electronic shift as a buddy said he tried one and hated it, Im guessing I'll get it figured out quite quickly, then if I dare I'll teach the wife. I will be the first to admit that I am not very mechanically inclined so I'm sure glad there is a site like this so full of information. I will try not to ask too many questions.

I got a really good deal on this ATV but I have one concern that I didn't really think about until after commiting to the buy. It was bought new in Feb 2007, it has 130miles and 29hours on it. The seller says that it has not been back to the dealer for any service since he bought it. Basically he only road it four or fives times then stored it in the garage. Should I be concerned? Isn't there service required after a short "break in" period. What about oil changes shouldn't there been one of them done by now. I'm sure there will be a maintence schedule in the manual when I get it but I've already commited to the deal and am now a little worried that the lack of service might have hurt it a bit although he says no problems at all.
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i wouldnt worry too much about it, yes you are suppost to change the diff oils and the motor oil but it isnt really going to do anything if he didnt do it while he had it. as long as it is changed sometime soon you will be fine. the reason you change the oils is because on a new 4wheeler there will be little metal shavings that fall off the metal parts, you just change the oil to get rid of the shavings. you are suppost to adjust the valves in the motor too, i have over 600 hiles on my 4wheeler and they are just starting to rattle. the manuel says to adjust them at a certin time but if they are not "ticking" bad there isnt a need to adjust them, if you hear loud ticking then i recomend adjusting them. you said your not too mechanically inclined so i would take it to a friend or the shop to get it done. the ESP is a nice feature, some people like it and some people hate it. at first you may not like it but it will grow on you. o yea welcome to the site, dont worry about asking too many questions on here, thats what this site is for.
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