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New member saying hello, and a quest. on tires...

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Hello, i own a 2006 Honda Foreman 500 with 28-10-12 mudlites up front and 28-12-12 mudlites in the rear, wanting to go with Mudzillas of that same size, would they be better, I do alot of mud riding. Thanks for any answers, and a great site
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There are a few tires to choose from that would be a big improvement over the mudlites. Nothing wrong with the lites, there just more of a lite mud/trail riding tire.

There are a few factors in choosing the right tire, one is the type of terrain you ride on, do you do any trail riding? Here are a few different tires to think about.

laws= a rough ride in 28" and below sizes, but has great pulling ability for ruts and soupy mud and no bottoms

EDL's= great for climbing, smooth ride, good for mud holes with a bottom because they will dig down. But only come in 28x10x12

zillas= a step under the laws with alittle better ride and still pull great, but are the heaviest tire on the market
well put dirty4man...thats about what i was gunna say
Yea what he said, I would go with 27inch outlaws if i were you tho!
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