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New member, New foreman with a question

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Just bought my first new atv 2007 500s, has 2 miles on it and love it and havent even rode it yet, but it idles a little ruff, idle goes up and down and sometimes quits while idling, thought maybe it was cold natured buty when you barely move the choke it will quit. dealer says they all are like that till they get rode a little to flush out anything from shipping or storage. any comments.
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Welcome to the site, my 06 did the same thing for the first couple of hours after I got it. It stopped after about a half a tank of gas was run through it, now it runs smooth. Hope this helps.
There should be nothing but gas being "flushed thru" your carb. The motor should run better after it has run a while or take it back to the dealer.
When my '06 was new it would stall at idle.After it had 5 or 6 hours on it then everything was o.k.
My Foreman was the same, you have to remember being new the engine is "tight" and needs to be broken in. The best way to break it in is take it out and work it, vary speeds, rpm, load etc for the first couple hours, just don't rev it out to the max for the first while. Get it good and warmed up and don't forget to change the oil and filter after the first 10 hours. Will also help to install an NGK iridium plug, mine has never started and idled so good since putting one in.
mine did the same thing. I notice a change in mine when i Went to a NGK sparkplug. Started easier, ran smoother. Maybe something to think about.
I also have 07 trx500fe , was told by the head Honda mechanic that the new honda's gas take has protective coating on the inside of the tank , when Honda gets them. Makes since to me seeing that the tank is plastic molded. Mine did the same for about the 1st 1/2 tank. after refilling no issues ..
thanks ill be picking me up a couple of plugs. ive heard nothing but good about the iridium plug. my dealer said the same thing about the tank being lined with something from the factory. impatiently waiting to get it on the trail. I think it will be a diffrent world coming off a 99 polaris 500. Only the best from here on. is there any other info i need on the bike while breaking it in you know does and donts.
i have a 05'foreman love it and it did the same here put a air filter and cut the carb spring runs real good
Yea,it will do that for a while,when broken in,it will work better....
rode it yesterday and it is allrerady getting better, i bought a iridium plug but havnt put it in yet. i think it will be fine now
I installed the NGK iridium spark plug this weekend and road all day Sunday. Noticed it started better and was much quieter while idling. I've got 8hrs and 60 miles. I love my new couch!!!
I had the same exact issue with mine and it continued on for 200 miles. Its the idle set knob under the seat (Located behind the carb) . You can find this by removing the seat and remove the panel on the brake drum side. look through the opening and you will see a black knob, turn this clock wise for faster ( Mine took 3/4 of a turn) and reverse for slower. Now I just pull the choke and boom she fires right up and never shuts off.

Just my 2 cents.
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