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New member here!

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Guess I forgot to introduce myself. I have been posting here for a month or two and just noticed this newbie intro. forum. Anyways my name is Mike, screen name is mudd_magnet. I live in Ormond Beach, Fl. on the Beachside, which is right next to Daytona Beach. I ride mostly at 5A and a little in Ocala, because ther is no longer anywhere here to ride. Every riding place is a long drive for me! When my wife Jackie comes with, we have to ride double, cause we can't afford a second bike, yet. The people we ride with refer to us as Roley Poley and TadPole, cause one time we decided to park the bike on its side and take a mudd bath!
Anyways, look foward to the posts,pics, and helpful info and hope to see some of ya'll out riding.
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Welcome ya got some cool pics
Welcome to the site!
Welcome and nice lookin Rancher!
Welcome to the site.
whats up with the basketball does it make you float better?
uummm... yes the basketball floats(Ha, Ha). I put it in there when I first got the bike and had stock tires. It would help to start the front end to pop up in the water cause I couldn't get any traction. I just decided to leave it in there. Don't know how much it actually helps, but figured it couldn't hurt. Especially when my wifes on the back too. It displaces as much water and adds as much floatation as stock tire prolly does. Seen other people with em too, usually seems to help the 2wd quads the most.
Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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