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New Member Here!

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Hey everyone!
I am new to the ATV world and have not made a purchase yet. I will be buying a Honda, thats for sure. I rode dirt bikes when I was a kid and we put those things through the ringer. I am looking at a used one in my price range and will be ready to make the purchase in late January to early February. Gotta love tax time! I will be doing mainly trail rides and not the big time mod bogging that I hear and see so much about. Anyway, I am glad that I found this site and will probably be asking a ton of questions.
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welcome and good luck on buying.
I actually have a post under the Foreman 450 forum that I am looking at purchasing. Let me know your thoughts-good or bad!
Welcome good luck on the new machine. Don't forget to look at new machines. In my area I found out that I could get a new one for just a little more than I could find a good used on. So I got a new one.
Welcome to the site!
Welcome to the site.
What part of Texas are you from?
We live up in Lindale up above Tyler right on I-20.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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