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New Member from Louisiana

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Hello everyone from Lafayette, LA. I look forward to helping and learning from everyone here.
I'm an older fella but willing to try almost anything when it comes to wheeling.
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Welcome Snatcher
welcome aboard
Thanks guys. I'll try and contribute as much as I can but, with football and hunting seasons right around the corner.... Geaux Tigers!
Welcome..............go Tigers!!!!!!!
Thnx ******* Woman...A Floridian Tiger fan, hmm?
Bon Jour comment sa va? I live in Lafayette too. I work offshore so I have time to ride mostly during the week when every one else is at work. I am a paramedic. I ride mostly in Kisatchie, Camp Claiborne, and up on the Sandstone trail North of Alexandria. I haven't had a chance to try camp Livingston yet. I dont go in for using my ATV for a submarine though. I use it to hunt and trail ride. I hunt in Sherberne and Indian bayou also I have a little property near Opelousas where I hunt and ride. Maybe we can hook up and ride sometime.

I am an older guy also, and an ex mechanic.
Sounds like a great idea Sparky but it will have to be on a weekend that I'm not working. I usually ride with a few buddies in the Arnaudville area in the basin but open to new areas as well. I have used mine as a submarine once. I'll make a second attempt after hunting season.
contact me @ 337 298 5266 after Wed the 25th. I am usually busy on week ends but you never know.
Gottcha, I gotta look and see if and when I'm on call. btw, thats 1 pimped out honda you got there!
Thats just a picture. Mine doesn't look like that at all. Its completly stock.

Welcome to!!!!!
QUOTE ("Snatcher":2y67an5m)
Thnx ******* Woman...A Floridian Tiger fan, hmm?
I'm originally from Louisiana.........been in FL since 1988 but I'm proud of where I'm from!
I shoulda known by the camo rubber boots. Why no Hackberry Reeboks or Delcambre wedding shoes?

Thanks anyway Dawlin.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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