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New Member from - "Darkest" Africa

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I have visited the site on various occasions and have at last decided to join. I am an Expat working in Nigeria. I have a Foreman and 2 smaller quads and go exploring with my two sons andsome friends every weekend. For those of you who enjoy adventure believe me we have our share.
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**** another person worldwide. ]

I would be afraid of some wild animal chassing me in africa.
I would love to go cruising around africa!!! Welcome aboard!!
Welcome. We want some pics of the Foreman on the Dark Continent.
Pictures of Foreman in Africa

Find some pictures of one of our expedition. We needed to take our own supplies for the overnight trip. As luck would have it one of the older bikes broke and I had to tow the bike with the Foreman. The first picture is closer to the beach (palm trees). The other picture is inside the "rain forest" The boat you can see on the side of the picture is left there by the fisherman. When it rains they use the boats as the water is everywhere. We went in the dry season and you can see the water on the track. If the boats aren't left at various points the fisherman will not be able to get to the villages which are above water level
"Casualties" on trip
2 flat tires and
1 seized Bike
0 medical
I want to go!
I think i was a show once where you can go on a atv african safari...that would be unbelievable

Welcome to the site and keep us updated on jungle rides!
That's AWESOME! I am jealous! Looks like a lot of fun!
Welcome to the site!


Wow we dont have poo for scenary down here in FL.

I wish I was retired at 23yrs old so I could venture out to ride in snow, ice, jungle, desert, etc..

That looks like a awesome time with plenty to see.

How did one of the bike's get seized? Pretty deep in some spots?
Do you have problems with wild animals? I would be afraid of ridin' along
& a tiger or big wild beast would jump out & gobble me up.
maybe it is just me, but from whereiam at the boat is on the left!
Now that looks like a great place to ride.
That looks like a hella good time, Welcome to the site!!!!

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