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New member from BC, Canada

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Hey guys and gals,

Just joined the site today, so far I've found all sorts of useful info and lots of cool pics, this looks like a really great site!

I ride an 05 Rancher 400 AT, and my b/f has an 06 Foreman 500 S. These are the second quads for both of us, just bought new in February.

He had an 03 Yamaha Kodiak 400 4x4, and I had an 03 Polaris Magnum 330 2wd.

The new quads aren't even ready for their first service, and we love riding the Red! They are sooo much more nimble and handle better than we ever expected. Brad loves having his foot shifter again (he's ridden dirt bikes since he was little.... the belt drive auto of the Yamaha never did make him happy), and the ESP on the Rancher is SOOO COOOL!!! We both drive manual transmission vehicles, too.... must be a control thing!!

Lovin' my Honda,

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Another convert?

Welcome! Could it be that it sounds like another ATV rider converting to Honda after owning other brands? Don't get me wrong, I like some things about other makes out there, but the two factors that keep me with Honda is satisfaction from previous ownership (reliability) and the fact that Honda's driveline is all gears and shafts. NO BELTS!
Welcome to the site.

Atwood, you're right, reliability from Honda was one of the main reasons we went with Honda's over other brands.

My b/f has had an early 80's Honda 185xl for years, and it always starts right up even if it's been sitting for months. Virtually problem-free since he's owned it. His dad has an 85 Honda Big Red trike, same thing, very dependable.

We want to have these quads for years, so reliability was important.

Thanks for the welcome!
Welcome to the best Honda site on Earth!! Where at in BC are you? I'm a little farther north and west of you.
We live in the lower mainland, about 1-2 hours from Vancouver, depending on traffic . But fortunately we rarely have to go there. There's lots of good quadding trails and camping further east and north of here. We both hunt, fish and camp a lot, too, so most weekends are spent as far from the city as possible!
Rancher_Girl, you seem to be the last of a dyin' breed. Wish more gals
were like you.
Welcome to the forum!
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