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Hey there, I have been lurking around and reading the boards for a while now and decided to hand over my info and join in, My name is Tom but my friends have called me frog since I was about 10 years old. A good friend of mine and I bought some used Honda formans about a year ago and we have been having a blast on them making and riding trails in out locaL area here in Florida. We occasionally have to stop riding for a few hours to do repairs and oil changes and stuff, but then it's right back to riding. My 97 foreman 400 is great and my friend loves his 99 450 s and his sons 98 400. I'm 48 yrs old, married 20 years, one daughter still at home who rides an eton 150 and my foreman and I've been having a great time riding the honda most every day when after work, These things are great, wish I have got one much earlier. no matter where I point the foreman it goes. awesome.
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welcome where abouts is hudson?
welcome Frog.

Hudson is on the west central coast of florida about 50 miles north of tampa.
Just curious what is the reason behind the nickname.
Welcome Frog
I got the nick name of frog because everyone said I had a deep voice
Welcome Frog
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